Is One 24 a Scam - Don't Join Until You Read This

Published: 19th August 2010
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There seems to be a real Buzz around the internet involving the newest MLM company, One 24. Why is there so much interest in this new upstart and how is it different from everything else out there. Is this truly your road map to a Healthy, Wealthy retirement?

To answer these questions I will give you information about the owner of this company , the product, the unique compensation plan, the cost, plus how you can recruit both offline and online with One-24. This way, once you have all the information you can best decide if this business is right for you.


One 24 is the idea of one of the pioneers of direct marketing Mark Seyforth. Seyforth's first expedition into multilevel promoting started in 1975 when he partnered with another industry vet, Joe Perry to form Seyforth Labs , Inc that made the 1st milkshake meal alternative for people desiring to lose or maintain their weight. They also pioneered the multilevel backend commission system that many M.L.M firms still use today, including one of the industry giants, Herbalife. Now Mark is attempting to disrupt the MLM Industry once again with his new IRP compensation plan.

One-24 Compensation Plan

IRP stands for (Incentivized Referral Plan) and it is unique in structure to the Industry. The whole program is designed for those that do not like to sell or cannot sell effectively.

The Incentivised Referral Plan or the IRP model gets use from a novel one sided model. What the company intends to do is add a fresh approach to internet marketing, and additionally to provide an ongoing income to people hard hit by the down economy. Mark is trying to resuscitate the Multi-Level Marketing industry with his new inventive compensation plan.. Can he deliver? Let us take a better look.

What is linear compensation?

In linear compensation you get paid on all your non-relative members. In MLM you get paid on only a few if any of your non-relative members.

How will this be a disruption to the marketing systems today?

The whole concept of One 24 is to establish a business that is rewarding for everyone and where no one can ever get hurt financially. The closed system of marketing with the waiting list creates a pent up demand and creates for every person a reverse psychology of never having to sell since they are taking the opportunity away and can only put a person on a waiting list. Additionally the simplicity and the time requirements are unheard of in today's sales strategies.

One important fact mentioned in the video is that the company is paying out 50% of profits, as opposed to the typical 24-40% paid out by most MLMs. What this means is there will be more money to go around…and not just to the top producers.

You can view the entire comp plan video by visiting the company website at:


NatraBurst is a premium, nutrient dense food source consisting of a wide variety of the highest quality raw materials. These ingredients work synergistically to bring about a positive impact on your health.

NatraBurst is easy to use and provides a wide variety of nutrients in One formula that would typically be found in multiple products. The product contains no yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, preservatives, artificial flavoring, artificial color or artificial sweetners, and it retails for $60 per container.

NatraBurst is also manufactured in a GMP Certified facility, which performs multiple tests for quality, purity and potency. GMP Certification is voluntary and requires intensive inspections, procedures and rigorous documentation, all performed by an independent, third party non governmental organization.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the nutritional value and ingredients of the product visit the company website at and click on Product.

How To Recruit

As with any MLM, you make money by recruiting others into your business. While any business will advertise that "you don’t even have to recruit to make money!". I will tell you right now that’s not true. To make money with One 24, you will need to recruit paying members. The unique "twist" with One 24 is that you can just ask people to visit your site and if they are interested, "You will put them on your waiting list". What? Anybody can do that, can’t they? The fact is not everyone who joins One 24 will even do that (it’s amazing but true) but I think that more people can do this than the more conventional MLM form of recruiting. You can use this recruiting strategy offline with your warm market or online (my personal preference and I share my online marketing strategies with my team members)

In Summation

Those looking for a fresh new opportunity with a unique compensation plan geared towards the average person…One 24, may be a business to consider.

I do not believe One24 is a scam. By all accounts, Mark Seyforth is a stand-up marketer and business owner. The compensation plan looks potentially very lucrative, and if you can say: "Take A Look At My Website and If You Are Interested, I Will Put You On My Waiting List", then you can recruit for this business and make money with One-24.

I believe that the One-24 compensation plan is unique and offers the masses a greater chance of success. The key, however is team duplication and marketing consistency, which I teach.

Also, being able to get in on the ground floor is cool too. The flip-side of that is a very high percentage of start-up network marketing companies, particularly those in the ultra competitive nutrition niche, go out of business within a couple of years (just when you’ve finally built a decent sized downline!). I believe that will not be the case here, due to the experience of the management team and the planning that went into deciding to launch the company.

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